Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How I Rank Any Keyword On The Google Front Page... Without PPC

So, the Google front page is where you want to be. First, an comprehension of the Google ranking mechanics is needed. Then you will realize how Google notices your content, and what you can do to optimize it. And finally you will comprehend how to rig your content to attain popularity points. Soon, my comrade, you will be proficient in applying these pieces to rank first on Google and send further traffic to your capture page than you believed humanly possible.

Google has in place a few qualifying factors when it comes to ranking content on its front page, and we shall quickly explore them.
1) Linkbacks
Taken straight from master Google engineer Matt Cutts, "PageRank evaluates two things: how many links there are to a web page from other pages, and the quality of the linking sites." In other words, the more links to your content from outer sites as well as the reputation of those outer sources decides how high-level in the ranks your content gets boosted. A major website connecting to your content has more wallop than five less trafficked sites.
2) Relevant Keywords
Another governing aspect is the keyword or keyword phrase being searched for. To see if they go with a search query, Google scrutinizes the piece of content for that exact keyword. Thus, Google awards higher ranking priority to content containing a keyword more times than other content containing that matching keyword fewer times.
Visualize Google as a monstrous scanning device. Billions of pieces of content are all together scanned top to bottom for the entered keyword being searched for. It then elects the content pieces with the majority of that keyword, as well as other relevant words close to that keyword, and the quantity of linkbacks from other websites, and it ranks them on the front page.

So, let us explore optimizing that content for the Google front page.
1. Begin with a keyword or keyword phrase first, creating your content around it. Including the keyword every 5 to 6 sentences is a competent rule of thumb to go by.
As I revealed earlier, Google scans from the top.
2. The title of your content, the description box and the meta tags should include your keyword.
3. Make certain the URL address to where your content is originally placed (also known as a permalink) includes the keyword and keyword phrase. It could look like this *http://yourwebsite.com/your-competitive-keyword*
Having the keyword in any anchor texts or hyperlinks will almost instantly enhance search results. Oh yeah baby! Now you\'re rollin\'!

Now you need to have the most backlinks as possible directing to your content after you have optimized it. Here is how we cram the ballot box for your content to have a massive victory.
Many mixed versions of the original content piece should be given to as many different directories as possible.
***Crucial! Contain a link from these "new" pieces of content back to your original. Google sees that all these numerous sites are connecting to this original piece you have so graciously bestowed on the world, generating an importance factor. And it must be important if all of them think it is so popular. And he sends it to the top of the Google front page as your reward. (Mr. G can be so shallow sometimes, right?)

Now you may be thinking it a pretty daunting charge turning one piece of content into hundreds, and then sending them all to so many directories. Fair enough. But that's why we love technology and the few programs born to take on this task. And there are fewer still that are not only worth their salt, but over deliver. Be sure to click the link in the resource box below to see the only directory submission programs I suggest…

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