Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How I Rank Any Keyword On The Google Front Page... Without PPC

So, the Google front page is where you want to be. First, an comprehension of the Google ranking mechanics is needed. Then you will realize how Google notices your content, and what you can do to optimize it. And finally you will comprehend how to rig your content to attain popularity points. Soon, my comrade, you will be proficient in applying these pieces to rank first on Google and send further traffic to your capture page than you believed humanly possible.

Google has in place a few qualifying factors when it comes to ranking content on its front page, and we shall quickly explore them.
1) Linkbacks
Taken straight from master Google engineer Matt Cutts, "PageRank evaluates two things: how many links there are to a web page from other pages, and the quality of the linking sites." In other words, the more links to your content from outer sites as well as the reputation of those outer sources decides how high-level in the ranks your content gets boosted. A major website connecting to your content has more wallop than five less trafficked sites.
2) Relevant Keywords
Another governing aspect is the keyword or keyword phrase being searched for. To see if they go with a search query, Google scrutinizes the piece of content for that exact keyword. Thus, Google awards higher ranking priority to content containing a keyword more times than other content containing that matching keyword fewer times.
Visualize Google as a monstrous scanning device. Billions of pieces of content are all together scanned top to bottom for the entered keyword being searched for. It then elects the content pieces with the majority of that keyword, as well as other relevant words close to that keyword, and the quantity of linkbacks from other websites, and it ranks them on the front page.

So, let us explore optimizing that content for the Google front page.
1. Begin with a keyword or keyword phrase first, creating your content around it. Including the keyword every 5 to 6 sentences is a competent rule of thumb to go by.
As I revealed earlier, Google scans from the top.
2. The title of your content, the description box and the meta tags should include your keyword.
3. Make certain the URL address to where your content is originally placed (also known as a permalink) includes the keyword and keyword phrase. It could look like this *http://yourwebsite.com/your-competitive-keyword*
Having the keyword in any anchor texts or hyperlinks will almost instantly enhance search results. Oh yeah baby! Now you\'re rollin\'!

Now you need to have the most backlinks as possible directing to your content after you have optimized it. Here is how we cram the ballot box for your content to have a massive victory.
Many mixed versions of the original content piece should be given to as many different directories as possible.
***Crucial! Contain a link from these "new" pieces of content back to your original. Google sees that all these numerous sites are connecting to this original piece you have so graciously bestowed on the world, generating an importance factor. And it must be important if all of them think it is so popular. And he sends it to the top of the Google front page as your reward. (Mr. G can be so shallow sometimes, right?)

Now you may be thinking it a pretty daunting charge turning one piece of content into hundreds, and then sending them all to so many directories. Fair enough. But that's why we love technology and the few programs born to take on this task. And there are fewer still that are not only worth their salt, but over deliver. Be sure to click the link in the resource box below to see the only directory submission programs I suggest…

Adam Ayer is the creator of Magnetic MLM Marketing: a website devoted to sharing free strategies that reveal how you can rank on the Google front page overnight using competitive keywords without paying a single cent, nada, nothing for advertising. See the directory submitter tools he highly recommends here ==> Adam\'s toolbox and completely dominate the search engines.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Reaching Beyond Your Market List

Ahh... the warm market list. The majority of network marketers\' fastest approach to breakdown. Are you here still? Based on stunning proof, I can tell you that the largest quantity distributors do not foster booming dealings from this list. And unluckily, many new members from this list drop off in the year one. But one will continually require new leads in order to become a lucrative network marketer, in this circumstance meaning making more money than you use. This piece of writing hits on some free strategies to get you started on your path to improving some new marketing abilities and realizing a prosperous long-term career in this industry.

The Warm Market List Hurdle

Before we go on, take heed. It is possible to construct a business out of the warm market list. But this is only demonstrative of the industry elite. Hindrances from the warm market can cripple a business, and are responsible for the rest, the majority, jumping ship. People can\'t stand feeling like they are being sold to. The door-to-door mentality that loads of network marketers embrace have their warm market prospects sprinting for the hills. Some people purely dislike to sell. And yet still, the success of the distributor may be a controlling factor for others to think about his proposal.

Working off of the warm market list may still get you a few or more sign-ups, but the snag then lies with attrition. Attrition is a conventional characteristic of new team members. This is because the warm market is not a targeted market, and it involves people with and without business savvy as well as those not formerly looking to become a product user or business owner. Or the residual income is not achieved before the leads and money run out.

Top tier positioning is not the only way for a distributor to have success. If we look at the way they do it, we notice they share one familiar feature. If you are already in a network marketing company, observe your company leaders. They have extended outside their warm market list centuries ago. They are using ways of free and paid lead generation. A few shell out the dough for leads lists. Some advertise. And others vend their own training materials.

Different Warm Market List Ideas:

But new mlm distributors cannot generate their own training product due to inexperience in the network marketing industry. Therefore, here are a few marketing strategies one can put into practice immediately for free or low cost. (Most of these are done online).

Join the social media movement. When done right, you can turn out some amazing quality prospects for free using sites like as Facebook, Myspace, and Betternetworker. Some Facebook lead generation tactics I\'ve written in another article are linked below.

Article marketing is an additional free and vastly effective method to produce long-term leads constantly for almost ever. Though this may perhaps take a few months to see results, when done correctly, it is by far the most effective way to yielding massive amounts of leads.

PPC (Pay-per-click), list builders, and classified advertisements are paid forms of marketing and are totally effective as well.

Business success is what the network marketer strives for. Standing behind a great product, having a residual income, and being financially independent is his dream. And it can be accomplished. But improving new marketing skills and lead producing techniques to go outside the warm market list is the only way to have a lucrative business in the long-term. And a successful network marketer always looks at the long-term.

Adam Ayer is the creator of Magnetic MLM Marketing: a website devoted soley for the purpose of developing Internet skills and lead generation techniques for today\'s network marketer. See how after reading such articles as Warm Market List Tips For Network Marketing, subscribers worldwide are able to break through their internal barriers and completely dominate their own MLM ==>NotYourParentsMLM

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Considering Magnetic Sponsoring? Better Read This Review First

If you are reviewing this, chances are you have heard of ways to draw online leads to you, but you are not sure where to get on your way. I am sure you have seen Mike Dillard\'s 7-day bootcamp tutorials. You may have read an alternative Magnetic Sponsoring review that did not persuade you of its merit. Well, you are going to find your money\'s worth with this one. I review the key book topics, the doctrine, and the strategems that Mike Dillard refers to. Let us splash right in to the Magnetic Sponsoring review.

First, let us query, "What is Magnetic Sponsoring?" Is it a book? Is it a system?
Well, it is both. Magnetic Sponsoring is the book by Mike Dillard that acts as a gateway into his Magnetic Sponsoring attraction marketing system. We will review the book initially. Then we will tackle the system.

The book has ten chapters touching on the Psychology of Attraction, the Insight on Personal Development, and Marketing.

The Magnetic Sponsoring book paints a very good clarification of the attraction marketing idea referring to the leadership origins (known as Alphas).

Mike links attraction as a survival instinct and not a choice. It is a symbiotic relationship on a basic level. A leader presents safety and guidance to a group. In exchange they follow the leader. consequently the idea shows that as a leader grows his worth, additional followers will search for him.
hence, in short if you want people to chase after you, heighten your value and grow to be a leader.

Mike will say that folks do not join a business. People join YOU. They are looking for resolutions to their tribulations, which turn out to be the identical two across the board for a good number of network marketers: lack of leads and lack of cash flow before the oh-so-sought after residual dollar kicks in. Hence a distributor ought to sell a "how to" marketing system to other distributors and let the system itself to sell the company products. The majority of network marketing businesses teach their distributors in a different way, and many old-school marketers that have constructed their organization with traditional ways will challenge this.

One section of the book overviews the creation of a network marketing franchise. He outlines the three-part business model and the 5 franchise elements that ought to routinely solve the distributor\'s obstacle of obtaining leads and money. And integrated with a newsletter and funded proposal, a distributor is able to brand himself as a leader and generate cash flow. In layman\'s terms... the network marketer should promote his system to help others accomplish their goals. This in turn will bring in cash flow for the network marketer, and at the same time position him as a problem solver... or leader.

The book is exploding with so many useful tips on how to set up elite email campaigns, attract targeted leads, and how to make money off of those leads. It\'s no wonder that so many profitable network marketers have adopted it as their industry course book.

Mike introduces his personal Magnetic Sponsoring system to the reader with a free membership included with the book purchase. Reviewing the Magnetic Sponsoring system will reveal actual proof of his attraction marketing strategies in action. I would absolutely suggest taking a look at it. But be forewarned. You do not get to own the leads you produce in the Magnetic Sponsoring system. Throughout the book, Mike alludes to building a record of followers, but never frankly says that you want to build YOUR OWN list. His system will build his list, not yours.

This still does not take away from the principles taught. And other systems have addressed the want to build your own list. Remarkably well in fact. You can glimpse at mine.

So, I feel we have solidified that the strategies in Magnetic Sponsoring are able to work in your business. The majority of successful businesses and people in every industry work the attraction marketing principles, and network marketing should be no different. If you look at any leader within the mlm industry, you will see that they have harnessed them extensively. Mike Dillard himself has built massive MLM empires in different companies. And a rising number of his students are doing the same. As written in the introduction of the book, this "will ABSOLUTELY change your life IF you put it to use."

Adam Ayer is network marketer that practices and teaches the principles in this Magnetic Sponsoring Review to attract bookoo amounts of leads and recruit into any MLM using the free marketing methods found at Not Your Parents MLM.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Use These Jedi Mindtricks To Get Free Leads On Facebook

Having new leads for your business is critical, but receiving free leads on Facebook that actually are fond of you is just cool.

How many times have you clicked through your Facebook this morning? 1 billion members have potentially done the same. This mammoth networking marvel is attracting expert and novice marketers the same, compeling the Facebook governing bodies to keep some tight reigns. With rising spam blockers and swarms of competing marketers, it is more vital than ever to be seen in a positive light. But I will show you how. Read on and you will shortly make Facebook your marketing platform.

Your Profile
1. Set up your profile in a manner that invites... not bites Members like to learn about YOU before all else, so do this first. Members will read your personal page prior to or directly after they click on a few of your promotions... guaranteed. So do not use an avatar. Use your own face. And make it a clear one with you smiling. Your unique mug may be the best foot-in-the-door to connecting with your would-be leads. And display that you are a real existing breathing person by filling out your interests and activites. People want to know if you do more than sit on your butt all day trying to create leads on Facebook for chrimeny\'s sake!

2. Incorporate links on your personal page to a different site showcasing your skills and activities... such as Flickr, your blog, even your a landing page if it\'s been personalized to you.

3. Include an opt-in box on the side bar of your profile page for your promotion. This is possible via a few html applications such as "Profile HTML" you can find inside Facebook apps. Although in order for this one to be functional you need to have an autoresponder already up and running.

4. Assess who has ability to look at your profile. It is good to make sure that at least your "friends and networks" can come across you. But you might want to check "Everyone" so everybody can find you. (It\'s ok to be vane just this once).

Time to Market
5. Join and engage in groups pertaining to your target market. You can find lots of groups with an easy keyword search. Read the group\'s by-laws. And if they tolerate links, be sure to leave your signature link after any discussions or advertisements you place. Disclaimer: If you spam on Facebook, they will delete your account while whistling dixie. And you will never hear from them again.

6. You have a five thousand friend limit, but you should only add ten to twenty per day. Any of your target market groups are a great place to request friends. Look at that... you already have commonality with your new friends and your ego gets a boost as your numbers grow.

7. Did you know you can begin your own group? It\'s a great way to get all your new-found friends together. Just remember, if you give a lot of merit in your group you are more likely to keep members.

8. Answer your friends messages. This not only shows your friendly and courteous personality, but every reply box includes a photo, video, and link attachment option that you can use to send relevant information back to your new buddy.

9. Update your personal status with helpful and entertaining information for your friends to participate in. All update boxes contain the same reply attachment options said above along with an event attachment in case you want to announce the grandioso Puff Daddy size party you are gonna hold for all your Facebook friends.

9 1/2. Promote your product and business in the Facebook marketplace. But first you will need to get the marketplace application, which can be found through another Facebook search. Then you can promote your wares till your heart\'s content. Just be sure you use the correct category.

10. Be you. Being you makes you unique. Do not forget that it is social networking and people want to connect and learn about you. And when you are yourself, others will find common ground with you. Who knows? Maybe you will find a new recruit for Mafia Wars.

You can have free leads on Facebook this instant by implementing these tactics now. Tomorrow they just may be your new customers.

Adam Ayer is a lead generation expert specializing in free online marketing methods such as the one found in this article How To Get Free Leads on Facebook That Love & Adore You showing network marketers how to recruit distributors at will into their own mlm by studying the powerful strategies found at Not Your Parents MLM

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

David Wood Review by Adam Ayer

David Wood gets a review. Who is he? Well, if you are a functioning online marketing ninja exhausting competitive mlm keywords, you may have seen his articles listed on the first page of Google. Thus, validating this review. David Wood is a multi-level marketer brand new to the web... where he is quickly taking over the Internet inside just a few small months.

He\'s literally brought twenty-five thousand visitors to his blog inside a 3 month period utilizing low budget and free marketing strategems (like article content), placing high on Google\'s page one for insanely exhausted keywords. Introduced by mlm experts in a paid membership network, he hosted a tell-all webinar exposing his exact marketing strategies.

Any Internet marketer seeking to make the most of article marketing for massive amounts of free traffic creation would be well-advised to make David Wood part of their arsenal.

The proof is in the pudding...
I quote:

Seventyplus leads per day
50 paid site membership leads... in a business week
Five brand new rep sign-ups into his initial network marketing business... in 5 days
And it\'s fairly sound to say that those numbers are amplifying as we speak.

David\'s stats alone are astounding to say the least. So much so, one might assume that he\'s amplifying his accomplishments. Who\'s heard of twenty-five thousand unique visitors to a new blog in under three months?... using article marketing?. Now we all realize article marketing can generate some astonishing results over time... like 6 months to a year of consistent writing. But to hear of a name putting up these points after only 2 months on the Internet... That does not happen.

... Or does it.

David says yes, it does (and me too after seeing how he did it), and he provides proof with video testimonials, and a genuine honesty and confidence that he can do it at will... many times over... and he\'ll even reveal how.

His achievements have made such a rustle that industry leaders are paying close attention to him. I can think of how some "gurus" might be so baffled as he seemingly came from nowhere, threw a webite up, cast some articles out into www land, and now has, not only his blog and articles listed on the oh-so-coveted Google front page, but... get this... his splash pages, as well!

He hosted a webinar in a very admired and prestigious paid membership site highlighting his skills (which I had the luck of watching in on). He gave everything including the kitchen sink. As one of the maxed out 1000 on that webinar, I\'m willing to bet that I wasn\'t the only one having epiphany after epiphany while frantically trying to record every note down with one hand... aaaand hold my jaw off the floor with the other.

Alas, here\'s the kicker. David Wood is rolling with the momentum; generating tons of website traffic and producing considerable leads. He\'s even signing up distributors daily into his primary company. He could charge a high price for this kind of information.

But instead, he\'s giving it away at no cost. And you can get it right now by following the link at the bottom to his sold-out webinar. It\'ll blow your mind. Enjoy!

Adam Ayer is an expert online marketer sharing free lead generation tactics like the ones that can be viewed in the David Wood Review Article Marketing Webinar. After watching David reveal his secrets visit NotYourParentsMLM to see how you can use these powerful strategies with an automatic system to completely dominate your own mlm.

Monday, April 13, 2009


A lot’s been going on since my last post.

A few months ago I hit a snag in which direction to take my business.
Well, I found a solution that’s really given me perspective. I joined up with a network marketing “University”, and I must say it’s been a great decision. I have a wonderful professional guide within the system by the name of Eric Walker showing me the ropes of how to amass an empire of content. We’re actually getting ready to collaborate on a 90-day project together. Very exciting. It’s a commitment, and I’m looking forward to following through with it.

The system is called Renegade Professional. I wrote an article about the benefits of it. You can check it out here. A "Show Me Exactly What To Do" Lead Generation System. Let me know your thoughts.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

My “How To” Map of how I’m bringing my network marketing business to the Internet…and doing it all for free!

My Step 1:
 Two words: Google search. That’s right. When I decided to bring my network marketing company online, I first Googled my primary business because I wanted to find any members within that were utilizing the Internet successfully. After no success, I googled keywords like “internet network marketing” and “online network marketing” to see what would show up. Sounds stupid and easy, right? It is, and that’s why I did it. It took me to the prominent names of successful people that were getting mass exposure online in the industry that I want to be apart of.
With those names, and there were many, I narrowed it down to a few that I actually wanted to learn more about. Jonathan Budd and Mike Dillard were my first two. They promote a lot of free and very helpful information right from the start without having to sign up for anything (And this is how I learned about “attraction marketing”). Eventually I started following Daegan Smith, too. I opted into these 3 email lists for free to see what useful tidbits I could get. After that I stopped signing into anymore individuals email lists. I know many others out there have great free material, but it’s important not to get overwhelmed with emails to the point that you don’t read anything.
I must say that all three definitely over delivered. Mike Dillard gives you a 7 day boot camp video series that really blew my freakin’ mind. Jonathan Budd gives an 8 day video series with great tips on different marketing methods. And Daegan Smith gives a 21 video training course showing you step-by-step methods from how to start making money immediately on the internet without having a single dime to how to write a high traffic article that will bring in leads for free. Get those here: Free 21 videos The common theme among them: – Provide value first without expectation, and people will attract to you. NOTE: Have I bought anything yet from these guys? No. Will I? You bet, as soon I can. I highly suggest watching all these videos, and then I suggest finding only 1 to 3 highly successful internet marketers that speak to you and focus on them for while.

My Step 2: My next step took me towards Social Networking Sites. There’s many out there, and again I suggest starting with just a few so as not to get overwhelmed. You want to actually participate in them. I already had accounts with Facebook and Myspace. I have since joined BetterNetworker (more on this GREAT resource great below), Twitter (ooh..this one, too), and LinkedIn. I haven’t really utilized LinkedIn so much as it seems geared more toward getting a J.O.B., and who wants another one of those? Not me, thanks. But BetterNetworker and Twitter? It’s on. Listen Up.
BetterNetworker is a wonderful resource (Feel free to check out my profile there on the upper right of this blog). Big props to Mike Dillard and the others who created this site. BN is a social media site specifically for the network marketer with resources to connect to leaders in the network marketing industry, get answers to hard questions, and find tools needed to make a better transition of your business online. BUT BE FOREWARNED!!! The community does not take kindly to spammers or short-termers looking to pitch their business opportunity. Then what do you do with it, you ask? I network and learn and participate and learn and get cool tips on how to set up capture pages for free, bring in leads for free, make money online for free and all the other ways to be successful in this industry. Overall, a very genuine vibe exists to help the network marketer in his/her endeavors. I have found this site to be an ENORMOUS resource so far and believe anyone can take full benefit – from the smart beginner to the ever-experienced network veteran. And that brings me to…
Twitter. I didn’t understand this idea of texting online at first. But as you can see on the upper right of this blog, I’m starting to embrace it. I can actually update my status via mobile phone. There’s a very powerful potential here, as I start following industry leaders’ status and interacting with them. What a great way to let others know when you launch your next new venture…or find out about theirs.

My Step 3: Blogging. I like to write. I also like to share and teach. I started this blog to showcase what I have learned thus far up till now. Believe it or not, setting up a blog is easy and free and you can do a lot of cool things with it aside from preaching to the masses. In this one however, I will preach to the masses…just kidding. But I do intend to provide helpful resources and tools on here for the taking to those who want it.

Have questions or comments or suggestions? I welcome all.