Saturday, December 13, 2008

My “How To” Map of how I’m bringing my network marketing business to the Internet…and doing it all for free!

My Step 1:
 Two words: Google search. That’s right. When I decided to bring my network marketing company online, I first Googled my primary business because I wanted to find any members within that were utilizing the Internet successfully. After no success, I googled keywords like “internet network marketing” and “online network marketing” to see what would show up. Sounds stupid and easy, right? It is, and that’s why I did it. It took me to the prominent names of successful people that were getting mass exposure online in the industry that I want to be apart of.
With those names, and there were many, I narrowed it down to a few that I actually wanted to learn more about. Jonathan Budd and Mike Dillard were my first two. They promote a lot of free and very helpful information right from the start without having to sign up for anything (And this is how I learned about “attraction marketing”). Eventually I started following Daegan Smith, too. I opted into these 3 email lists for free to see what useful tidbits I could get. After that I stopped signing into anymore individuals email lists. I know many others out there have great free material, but it’s important not to get overwhelmed with emails to the point that you don’t read anything.
I must say that all three definitely over delivered. Mike Dillard gives you a 7 day boot camp video series that really blew my freakin’ mind. Jonathan Budd gives an 8 day video series with great tips on different marketing methods. And Daegan Smith gives a 21 video training course showing you step-by-step methods from how to start making money immediately on the internet without having a single dime to how to write a high traffic article that will bring in leads for free. Get those here: Free 21 videos The common theme among them: – Provide value first without expectation, and people will attract to you. NOTE: Have I bought anything yet from these guys? No. Will I? You bet, as soon I can. I highly suggest watching all these videos, and then I suggest finding only 1 to 3 highly successful internet marketers that speak to you and focus on them for while.

My Step 2: My next step took me towards Social Networking Sites. There’s many out there, and again I suggest starting with just a few so as not to get overwhelmed. You want to actually participate in them. I already had accounts with Facebook and Myspace. I have since joined BetterNetworker (more on this GREAT resource great below), Twitter (ooh..this one, too), and LinkedIn. I haven’t really utilized LinkedIn so much as it seems geared more toward getting a J.O.B., and who wants another one of those? Not me, thanks. But BetterNetworker and Twitter? It’s on. Listen Up.
BetterNetworker is a wonderful resource (Feel free to check out my profile there on the upper right of this blog). Big props to Mike Dillard and the others who created this site. BN is a social media site specifically for the network marketer with resources to connect to leaders in the network marketing industry, get answers to hard questions, and find tools needed to make a better transition of your business online. BUT BE FOREWARNED!!! The community does not take kindly to spammers or short-termers looking to pitch their business opportunity. Then what do you do with it, you ask? I network and learn and participate and learn and get cool tips on how to set up capture pages for free, bring in leads for free, make money online for free and all the other ways to be successful in this industry. Overall, a very genuine vibe exists to help the network marketer in his/her endeavors. I have found this site to be an ENORMOUS resource so far and believe anyone can take full benefit – from the smart beginner to the ever-experienced network veteran. And that brings me to…
Twitter. I didn’t understand this idea of texting online at first. But as you can see on the upper right of this blog, I’m starting to embrace it. I can actually update my status via mobile phone. There’s a very powerful potential here, as I start following industry leaders’ status and interacting with them. What a great way to let others know when you launch your next new venture…or find out about theirs.

My Step 3: Blogging. I like to write. I also like to share and teach. I started this blog to showcase what I have learned thus far up till now. Believe it or not, setting up a blog is easy and free and you can do a lot of cool things with it aside from preaching to the masses. In this one however, I will preach to the masses…just kidding. But I do intend to provide helpful resources and tools on here for the taking to those who want it.

Have questions or comments or suggestions? I welcome all.

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