Saturday, January 9, 2010

Use These Jedi Mindtricks To Get Free Leads On Facebook

Having new leads for your business is critical, but receiving free leads on Facebook that actually are fond of you is just cool.

How many times have you clicked through your Facebook this morning? 1 billion members have potentially done the same. This mammoth networking marvel is attracting expert and novice marketers the same, compeling the Facebook governing bodies to keep some tight reigns. With rising spam blockers and swarms of competing marketers, it is more vital than ever to be seen in a positive light. But I will show you how. Read on and you will shortly make Facebook your marketing platform.

Your Profile
1. Set up your profile in a manner that invites... not bites Members like to learn about YOU before all else, so do this first. Members will read your personal page prior to or directly after they click on a few of your promotions... guaranteed. So do not use an avatar. Use your own face. And make it a clear one with you smiling. Your unique mug may be the best foot-in-the-door to connecting with your would-be leads. And display that you are a real existing breathing person by filling out your interests and activites. People want to know if you do more than sit on your butt all day trying to create leads on Facebook for chrimeny\'s sake!

2. Incorporate links on your personal page to a different site showcasing your skills and activities... such as Flickr, your blog, even your a landing page if it\'s been personalized to you.

3. Include an opt-in box on the side bar of your profile page for your promotion. This is possible via a few html applications such as "Profile HTML" you can find inside Facebook apps. Although in order for this one to be functional you need to have an autoresponder already up and running.

4. Assess who has ability to look at your profile. It is good to make sure that at least your "friends and networks" can come across you. But you might want to check "Everyone" so everybody can find you. (It\'s ok to be vane just this once).

Time to Market
5. Join and engage in groups pertaining to your target market. You can find lots of groups with an easy keyword search. Read the group\'s by-laws. And if they tolerate links, be sure to leave your signature link after any discussions or advertisements you place. Disclaimer: If you spam on Facebook, they will delete your account while whistling dixie. And you will never hear from them again.

6. You have a five thousand friend limit, but you should only add ten to twenty per day. Any of your target market groups are a great place to request friends. Look at that... you already have commonality with your new friends and your ego gets a boost as your numbers grow.

7. Did you know you can begin your own group? It\'s a great way to get all your new-found friends together. Just remember, if you give a lot of merit in your group you are more likely to keep members.

8. Answer your friends messages. This not only shows your friendly and courteous personality, but every reply box includes a photo, video, and link attachment option that you can use to send relevant information back to your new buddy.

9. Update your personal status with helpful and entertaining information for your friends to participate in. All update boxes contain the same reply attachment options said above along with an event attachment in case you want to announce the grandioso Puff Daddy size party you are gonna hold for all your Facebook friends.

9 1/2. Promote your product and business in the Facebook marketplace. But first you will need to get the marketplace application, which can be found through another Facebook search. Then you can promote your wares till your heart\'s content. Just be sure you use the correct category.

10. Be you. Being you makes you unique. Do not forget that it is social networking and people want to connect and learn about you. And when you are yourself, others will find common ground with you. Who knows? Maybe you will find a new recruit for Mafia Wars.

You can have free leads on Facebook this instant by implementing these tactics now. Tomorrow they just may be your new customers.

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