Tuesday, January 5, 2010

David Wood Review by Adam Ayer

David Wood gets a review. Who is he? Well, if you are a functioning online marketing ninja exhausting competitive mlm keywords, you may have seen his articles listed on the first page of Google. Thus, validating this review. David Wood is a multi-level marketer brand new to the web... where he is quickly taking over the Internet inside just a few small months.

He\'s literally brought twenty-five thousand visitors to his blog inside a 3 month period utilizing low budget and free marketing strategems (like article content), placing high on Google\'s page one for insanely exhausted keywords. Introduced by mlm experts in a paid membership network, he hosted a tell-all webinar exposing his exact marketing strategies.

Any Internet marketer seeking to make the most of article marketing for massive amounts of free traffic creation would be well-advised to make David Wood part of their arsenal.

The proof is in the pudding...
I quote:

Seventyplus leads per day
50 paid site membership leads... in a business week
Five brand new rep sign-ups into his initial network marketing business... in 5 days
And it\'s fairly sound to say that those numbers are amplifying as we speak.

David\'s stats alone are astounding to say the least. So much so, one might assume that he\'s amplifying his accomplishments. Who\'s heard of twenty-five thousand unique visitors to a new blog in under three months?... using article marketing?. Now we all realize article marketing can generate some astonishing results over time... like 6 months to a year of consistent writing. But to hear of a name putting up these points after only 2 months on the Internet... That does not happen.

... Or does it.

David says yes, it does (and me too after seeing how he did it), and he provides proof with video testimonials, and a genuine honesty and confidence that he can do it at will... many times over... and he\'ll even reveal how.

His achievements have made such a rustle that industry leaders are paying close attention to him. I can think of how some "gurus" might be so baffled as he seemingly came from nowhere, threw a webite up, cast some articles out into www land, and now has, not only his blog and articles listed on the oh-so-coveted Google front page, but... get this... his splash pages, as well!

He hosted a webinar in a very admired and prestigious paid membership site highlighting his skills (which I had the luck of watching in on). He gave everything including the kitchen sink. As one of the maxed out 1000 on that webinar, I\'m willing to bet that I wasn\'t the only one having epiphany after epiphany while frantically trying to record every note down with one hand... aaaand hold my jaw off the floor with the other.

Alas, here\'s the kicker. David Wood is rolling with the momentum; generating tons of website traffic and producing considerable leads. He\'s even signing up distributors daily into his primary company. He could charge a high price for this kind of information.

But instead, he\'s giving it away at no cost. And you can get it right now by following the link at the bottom to his sold-out webinar. It\'ll blow your mind. Enjoy!

Adam Ayer is an expert online marketer sharing free lead generation tactics like the ones that can be viewed in the David Wood Review Article Marketing Webinar. After watching David reveal his secrets visit NotYourParentsMLM to see how you can use these powerful strategies with an automatic system to completely dominate your own mlm.

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